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Clipping path 360 degree is offering you the best vector art service in the graphics design community. If you need to develop vector art for your company, then you are just one step away from having it. Our highly experienced team will satisfy you with our creativity and expertise as per your demand. Let’s have some useful information first about vector art.

What is vector art?

To be precise, the definition of vector art is difficult, but in general, it is a kind of art form created by using the vector graphics method. In the vector graphics method, mathematical and geometrical terms like points, curves, lines, shapes are the main components. Particular software programs like adobe illustrator software or Corel draw software are used to develop vector art.

The vector art form develops a picture or art piece in an ultimate format that will not lose its quality in any changed scale or size of the image.

Vector Art Service
Vector Art Service
Best Vector Art Service Provider

What is the difference between vector design and illustration?

You can use a vector to design or illustrate a picture. But there is a difference between design and illustration. It’s better to know about this:

Design:A complete design combines the total demanding composition of texts, graphics, shapes, and other designing elements. These elements can be made by using illustrator or by producing vector art.

Illustration :

An individual picture or art piece is developed by illustration. An illustration is more art-based, and it can be a useful part of an entire design and add more value.

Why vector and raster are not the same?

Raster files are pixel-based images. You can get it by capturing it with a camera or scanner. This form of the image is mostly used on the web in jpg, gif, png files. It’s effortless to change the color tone in raster images. Vector software is used to develop vector art. Vector images are highly recommended for engineering work like CAD, 3D graphics, and printing work to resize the image. In vector art form, the design or illustrator draws the lines, shapes, and other elements. It creates each object by combining those shapes and lines. Here item means an individual part of vector art. You will nodes mark

How can you understand if your art is a vector?

The easiest way to understand vector art is by seeing the file type. Vector art is mostly saved by some common file extensions, such as .ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf, etc. However, if you open an image in adobe illustrator in a raster file and save it with a vector file type. Then it would be confusing for you to find the real vector art. so, how could you which one is the real vector art?
Now, open the image in vector editing software. If you find the node mark around the picture, it must be real vector art. It’s always easy to understand a real vector if you have a vector software program.

Why vector art service is important in a promotional term?


You can resize a vector art on any scale without harming the quality of the picture. This is a tremendous advantage for printing purposes.

Limitless resolution:

In most cases, Vector art has an infinite resolution. You can zoom a vector art as you want. It would be helpful in CAD or 2D, 3D graphics.

Easy to use:

You can create your vector art easily by using vector software. It is like drawing a picture with color and paint. Using the tools, you have to draw the line, shapes like circle, square, rectangle, etc. combining this element, you can have the desired vector art.

Small file size:

Vector arts are lightweight contain less information. The raster files contain a large amount of data for pixel arrangement or the captured device name. But even if a vector file has a complex composition of shapes, lines, and other elements, it will remain a small file size.

Easy to manipulate:

Vector art can be easily controlled by using lines and points of the picture. In vector form, lines are called strokes, and points are called nodes. You can change the shapes or edit the image by changing the strokes and nodes.

Why is vector important in terms of promotion?

Vector art is a significant fact for promotional terms. Because of vector art’s scalability, it is the most effective image format for promotional work. You can resize as you want for the printing process. Vector art is perfectly able to present the information or idea you want to explain through the art. Vector art is mostly used in promotional terms like logo design, tag line printing, banner, poster, etc.

What is vector conversion?

Changing an image from raster or bitmap to vector is the vector conversion. The raster image is pixel-based. If you want to convert the raster image into a vector form, you must develop the vector element as per the raster picture. In vector form, lines and shapes should be aligned according to the picture mapping in the roster form.

How to convert vector from raster?


This advanced art world vector art is highly required for 2D, 3D graphic design, CAD, and engineering work. In general, we found the images in raster or bitmap format, but this format is not appropriate for those engineering works, and you can’t resize the picture as per the printing requirement. That’s why people need to convert images from raster to vector format.

You can learn to convert pictures in vector editing software like adobe illustrator or other software. Though it is a lengthy process, it would be helpful for you in the future if you can learn.

You can find several auto convertors in the web world. Where you can easily convert your picture, but these auto convertors provide limited facilities.

If you have critical and different converting requirements for your image, you can hire any designing or photo editing farm to provide your required vector art. For example– The clipping path 360 degrees. Before hiring any farm, get the details about them and know correctly about their service quality, work process, pricing policy. 

Last Words:

The best image format is vector art. In modern art, which forms you are using is very important. You can’t use a bitmap format where vector format is needed. Vector art will provide you with the same picture quality. When you need vector art, you obviously can contact the team Clipping path 360 degrees. We will try to provide our best service with experience and creativity. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will reply to you soon.

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