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Starting up a business idea, opening a new organization, or updating your company. You must need a logo for the brand identity. 

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Suppose you are starting up a business idea, opening a new organization, or updating your company.


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Certified Professionals


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Looking for a logo design service?

Suppose you are starting up a business idea, opening a new organization, or updating your company. You are searching for a logo designer to design a nice and effective logo for your brand. In that case, you are in the right place. You dive into the paradise of graphic designing known as Clipping Path 360 Degree. Just look at our site; we may help you in this initial and essential stage of your brand. We will dedicate all our efforts to impress you with our logo design and service quality. At least have some knowledge about logo design. It would help you to choose the perfect logo for your brand.

Clipping Path 360 Degree started its journey in a concise range in 2005. In the initial stage, we started with only photo editing service. Day by day, we enlarged our service ranges and took place in domestic and international markets. We are committed to providing our heartiest logo design service and unique designs to our clients. We have highly experienced and trained designers. You can have trust in us and our services.

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Analyzing all the facts and conditions, you can contact us through our hotline or email. Our customer service team always welcomes you. We appreciate all your kind suggestions, tips, and ideas. You have to give your thoughts about how you want to see your logo in this competitive market and provide us with information about your brand. We will look after the rest of the way until you have your desired logo design service.

What makes a logo good or bad?

It’s your choice where and how you make your desired logo. But always keep in mind how to judge a good or bad logo design service. A good logo is still more expressive, understandable, and attractive. It should be relatable to your company’s ideas and values. There should be an outstanding balance in color, design, and other formats & fonts of your logo.

A bad logo is confusing, over-exposed, contains the wrong message, difficult to recognize. Sometimes bad logo design with so many ideas and ends up confusing to understand the meaning. Some bad logos don’t match the color balance and design with your business ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Logo Design?

In necessary thinking, a logo is a symbol or a picture combined with an image and text. Different companies, organizations, business brands use the logo for their identifications. But not only for titles, but a logo can also be something more for an identity. A well-designed logo may consider as a pillar of your brand. Your logo could be an easy way to create a good position in the market. A good logo should describe your identity, type of work/ service with impactful visualization.
Logo designing is creating an impactful visualization and perfect mark for your brand or company according to the type of logo design service you provide. A logo may be a combination of brand mark, symbol or typograph, and tagline.

Elements that should be in a good logo?

A designer has to maintain some elements in a good logo design. According to the description of a client-designer, arrange how and what will be suitable for the client. So, you can have a look at the elements of logo design. It would be helpful if you want to give useful descriptions and suggestions to our designer.

  1. Pictures or imagery: Picture or imagery elements includes raw image, illustration, symbol, icons, or any geometric shapes. This type of feature may help to visualize your service or may be used for decorative purposes. You can suggest a suitable picture or imagery element for your logo. Typograph or text content: typography or text content in a logo can express your idea or your identical name or tag line through a single letter, a word, or a complete sentence. You have to select the content suitable for your business, and then the designer will include it in your logo with the perfect layout, format, size, or font. 
  2. Subject or context: A logo might be subjective. You may have a specific context for your logo. As per your description, our designer can design your logo correctly, expressing your context. 
  3. Color balance: The color of your logo is one of the essential elements. A good design can flop if the color balance is not perfect. A balanced color can attract your logo apart from the other logo. Picture perfect colored logo become memorable to the people. A logo can be monochromic, black and white, colorful, or multicolored. 

Types of logo design

A logo can be a static design or a dynamic design. The static design expresses your logo in the same way from every aspect or every side. In dynamic design, your logo can change its expression according to the context. You can use the same logo design differently with suitable changes such as brochures, advertising flyers, hangtags, etc. 

Importance of the logo?

Before you decide to have a logo for your brand, understand the importance of your business logo. A logo is always vital for any business or organization. But every different brand, organization, or business idea may have another aspect or point of view. According to the factors, your logo can play different importance to the audience. So, let’s discuss some important and why you should have a logo for your brand?

  1. Attention-grabbing: A competitive market brand logo might be the best option to grab the consumer’s attention. There is a myth the competitors have only 2 seconds to grab the attention of a customer. So, a unique and perfect expressive can win this 2-second competition. This win may take your brand one step forward to beat the market.
  2. Create the first impression: The first impression is always essential for a brand to grab customers and sell the product. When your brand logo describes your service and the customer can get the message correctly, it might be an impressive move for your brand.
  3. Impact on decision making: When your logo can grab the attention and impress the customer, then he starts to think about it. If your brand has a true identity and values and your logo expresses it adequately, it will undoubtedly impact customers’ decisions.
  4. Expressing Brand values and brand loyalty: Brand value carries a significant impact on the market about your brand. If your logo can show your brand value through its design, it will be a great advantage.
  5. Became brand identity: A brand logo can become a brand identity. So, your brand logo must be perfect in design, color, and expressing your brand correctly in the long run.
  6. Setting position in audience memory: When a brand logo contains all the combinations to be perfect in the market, it becomes memorable. It helps to dominate the customers’ minds and memorize your brand even if they are in a rush.
  7. Different stand from other competitors: Your little step to be different in your commitment and tell the story of your separate stand to the consumers can help you make a different stand from 100s of your competitors. You may follow sustainability or environment-friendly facts and use this in your logo context.

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