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Do you believe image represents us in the digital era? Once we could sell our products and services in the offline world (which is typically known as a traditional trading system.) Over time, this traditional system has turned into online marketplaces.

At present, when we want to sell anything online, there is no way to motivate someone to buy products or services by word of mouth. Our website’s images represent us. Even if they are our silent representatives. For this reason, we need to ensure we’re going to upload fresh and alive images to our online stores to reach our sales target.

Image Masking Service

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Image Masking Service

Let me tell you a story of an honorable client of ours. He is Ricky Kesler, a famous and professional photographer over the last few years. He charges a huge amount of money for his job. So, his time has a high value in terms of money. (yours is as well.)

As he has vast popularity in the photography industry in his local area, he often has to edit tons of photos for his customers’ satisfaction which is not as a cool job as he can do it alone. (you’re to do the same job, right?)

That’s because he passed his life with very hard work. Plus, he had been disappointed about his job bit by bit. Later on, he hired a Photoshop expert to do the jobs. After that, He thought, “I’m free from typical tasks.” But the situation turned against his thoughts.

Though the problem is supposed to be solved, however, he got into more trouble. The reason behind this is that it’s not a piece of cake to manage one or more than in-house staff. In the end, he wasted his valuable time and money.

Once, he usually searched on Google and got informed about Clipping Path 360, and its clipping path service. At last, he got rid of his tough time.

Right now, he is fully dependable on our clipping path service. He is happy, and his clients are as well.

This is how we helped a photographer through our valuable service.

No matter which industry you belong to. You’re going through a very tight schedule, right? And you don’t have enough time to completely fix your job, let alone photo editing.

Don’t worry! You can rely on us. We, the photo editing team members of Clipping Path 360 degree, are with you to do your job done. We’re very much enthusiastic to edit your images with enough care.

Knock us now to justify our keen expertise in the photo editing industry. You’re allowed to ask us any questions to get rid of doubt. We’re very much curious to reply to you with the best answer.

Image Masking Service

Further, when we intend to sell our products or services on third-party websites, such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. it’s very important to ensure good-looking images. You, almost everyone in the world, and I know a few images with hateful or abusive backgrounds can destroy a brand identity on time, right?

Even if visitors don’t feel like staying on that website anymore, let alone purchasing products or services. Also, it is time to think about why you haven’t been able to reach your sales target for so long. 

We, the team of Clipping Path 360 Degree, hope you guys will be able to figure out the problem right now. Needless to say, the core reason behind, you cannot reach your sales target, is nothing but hateful images and those worthless backgrounds. 

That’s because, it’s high time you ensured high-quality images, whether you try to sell your products online or offline, to achieve your goal.

In the graphic design industry, image masking is a system of removing background without cropping any portion of the image. Most often, it’s used to remove a portion of an image and reveal that anew.

 It’s typically used to remove such background that bears tons of furs. The background is somewhat critical compared to the general image.

Let’s know the types of image masking to reveal an image anew. Considering the photoshop tool, image masking can be categorized into many types. These are listed below. 

Layer Masking: Layer masking is the core portion of the masking concept. It’s used to mask two images. When we want to place one image on top of the other one, we need to go through the layer mask.

Gradient Image Masking: Gradient image masking is another common image masking system in the Adobe Photoshop tool. It’s used to blend one image into another one. Apart from this, this masking system is largely followed to make a good combination between two images to adjust their depth as well as opacity.

Vector Masking: Vector masking is used to create a hard-edged mask. It’ll ensure you a clean, clear, and smooth hard-edged that’ll help you reach your goal. 

Quick Masking: Perhaps, you can understand this term by reading the name. Quick masking is an easy-to-use tool of Photoshop that allows you to select the edge of an image very first. 

Channel Masking: Channel masking is another useful tool of Adobe Photoshop tool to remove the background of an image. When we intend to remove background from critical image, it’s impossible to do the job done without channel masking. 

Let me tell you that we can edit, remove, and transform any image. No matter how critical the image is. However, here is the ultimate list of different types of image masking services we offer for our clients at a reasonable price. 

You can hire us to do the project done. Because we’re able to do that. 

Far and Hair Masking: Far or hair masking of an image is comparatively more effective than clipping path. As this port of image masking plays a vital role to make an object more natural and alive, you have to hire such an image masking company that has a vast expertise team on Adobe Photoshop Software. 

An image, which comes with hair or fur, has become very critical because of its soft edge, multiple curves, and tons of thinner line areas. So, a mere company cannot do that. 

Refine Edge Masking: Refine edge masking is an advanced tool of Adobe Photoshop software. It’s extensively used to mask critical image edges. In addition, it’s used to blend two photos one on top of the other. 

If you need to mask two photos over one another right now, order bang on. We’re ready to help you as early as we can. We use refine edge masking to blend the edges of two images out and out. 

Color Masking: Who doesn’t know color is one of the most effective components of an object to make that more reliable and alive? An image, along with a super color combination, can boost your sales within a couple of days. 

Whatever it is! When it comes to choosing the right color for an object to make that more real, many of the newcomers and amateur image masking service providers can destroy your project completely. Because it’s not a piece of cake that two days of recluse will be able to take up an object smoothly. 

For this reason, you must choose the oldest and most experienced company to do the project. Therefore, Clipping Path 360 Degree is the best image masking service provider company across the world over the last few years. That’s because you should check our trail photo editing service of three images before ordering any other company. 

Alpha Channel Masking: Alpha channel masking is used to edit a complex image. When we want to apply for the role of Photoshop software on a specific part of an image, we commonly use alpha channel masking to do the work done. 

If you have this type of project that you want to complete today, you can knock us. 

Transparency Masking: While clipping paths cannot be used to edit an image perfectly, we apply for transparency masking at that time. If you’ve become on behalf of a company that needs to prepare a catalog to display products or services, then you must create a few images for that project. 

However, we, the Photoshop expert team of Clipping Path 360 Degree, are ready to complete your job on time. No matter how hard the job is. We’re able to do that on account of our experience.

However, here is why image masking is important in 2021. Let’s look at a glance. 

To Get More Sales Online: Needless to say, image masking service is very important for those who want to sell their products or services on their online store. Think awhile about the peoples’ buying process. How do people consider a product or service to check out nowadays? 

Moreover, I want to remind you how we could buy anything earlier. Once we used to visit any physical store to buy goods. But this traditional system has been changed for the sake of the online industry, right? For the time being, we order each and everything online. That’s the main reason. 

When a consumer lands on an online store, he/she cannot watch the original product. Plus, he/she cannot even take smell on the product to justify whether it’s good for his/her or not.

In that case, a buyer tries to justify a product by seeing the product images from the online store. If a few images of a product can impact his/her mind when he/she looks for the time, then there is a great possibility he/she may order that product. 

To Create Eye-Catchy Ads: Creating ads to market a product or service, whether the business is online or offline, is a common thing in business. When we intend to market a product or service offline, we create billboards, signboards, banners, handbills, etc. 

Just like this, when we intend to market a product or service online, we create social media ads, Google ads, etc. 

But the most important matter is the entire marketing process can be failed because of nasty images. Who will believe and rely on the images that come with unexpected backgrounds? I never believe such ads that come with unusual backgrounds. I hope you guys are as well. 

For this reason, make sure the images, you’re going to upload on your online store, are looking sound. At least, the images can attract peoples’ minds. 

To Make An Image More Alive: The third benefit of the image masking service is here. When a mere snap goes through an expert designer to the people, the whole notion of an image has become transformed into a new shape. Then, the image looks more authentic, reliable, and alive. 

On the contrary, if an image goes to the people without masking or clipping (it means without changing any portion of the image by an Adobe Photoshop expert.), an image doesn’t look sound good. 

Now, let’s face this question. Does anyone in this digital world like to talk with a dead man? There is nobody in this digital world who likes this. 

The reality is that an image without clipping or masking looks like a dead man and people don’t want to interact with that image. For this reason, you need to enhance your image quality by taking our valuable service.   

So, as a business owner, try to upload excellent-looking images on your eCommerce store. 

Perhaps, you’re still thinking about why you need an image masking service for your company, right? No issue! Here are the top three reasons why you need an image masking service for your company in 2021. Let’s look at a glance. 

A Non-destructive Way: There are many ways to remove the background of an image for the time being. Some of them are pretty good to apply to an image. On the other hand, some of the techniques are not so cool to apply. Even the ultimate attraction of your image can be destroyed if you apply any unethical techniques. 

Moreover, masking is such a technique to remove the background of an image that you won’t face problems in the future. Because masking is a non-destructive way to remove the background of an image. 

To Hide And Show: We make it clear that masking is a way to combine two images. And it’s used to give an incredible new shape we expect. However, masking is extensively used to hide unexpected parts of an image and show an image over another. 

To Cover And Modify Any Specific Area: 

Masking is broadly used to modify any specific area of an image. Though there are many more options to modify any specific area of an image, however, masking is very effective for this job compared to the other techniques. 

That’s why you need a masking service for you.

Why not? We’re most welcome to justify our image editing quality before ordering. We’ve already mentioned that we’re ready to do a trial project of three images. Send us three critical images and let us give an hour. Our team will reply to you within an hour to do the job done.

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