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Bring perfection to pitures with fuzzy edges, like hair, wool, or fur. 


What do you want to show consumers when they visit your website? Obviously, the products. A professional photographer can only produce photos. But can you create presentable photos that show every detail of your product?

Clippingpath 360 is at your service with a team of photo editors and graphic designers specializing in e-Commerce photo editing.

Our Service Features

We are just a few clicks away from making your brand successful.

Expert Team: We have 50+ highly experienced graphics designers, photo editors, and professionals on our team. With thousands of satisfied customers, we ensure what you want for your business.

Affordable Price: Get our services at the best price with the precise outcome and quality photos. You may bid on any cost, and your price will drop for a large batch of photos.

Quick Response: Get a quick reply to your query regardless of the time zone you are living in. And for any order-related query, the response time is one business day or lesser.

Quality Assured: Ensuring all the instructions you give, our expert group starts to work. You can review and ask for changes or corrections to get the expected outcome.

24/7 Service: We start working as soon as you confirm the order and provide instructions. Our different teams work on a shift basis to offer your work on time regardless of the workload.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

What are the Services Clippingpath 360 Provide

To boost your e-commerce sales, you can choose any photo editing services below.

Clipping path service

A clipping path or pen tool in Photoshop is a service you need when you want to cut out only the product from an image. By doing so, the clarity of the product increases. Depending on the project’s complexity, we use four clipping path services (uses hand-drawn pen tool).

Background removal service

Your product photos require a clean background without any destruction and are fully focused on the product itself. Our background removal services isolate the product and modify the background to shed more light on the product—only.

Photo retouching service

Who would buy a product that contains visible defects even on the photos? Nobody. Our expert team will fix the lighting, and brightness, delete or add color, and remove wrinkles, blemishes, or imperfections. Retouch your photos with our budget-friendly photo editing service.

Shadow creation Service

Make the products or accessories of your business look more realistic and captivating. Using the drop, natural or reflection shadow, the editor adds a visual effect that seems real to the naked eye. Depending on your photo, we add or keep and enhance the shadow effect on an image.

Image masking service

You need image masking for products that include fur, detailing the model’s hair, refining critical edges, and color masking to make the image more alive and reliable. We use Layer, Gradient Image, Vector, Quick, and Channel masking to improve the product’s visual effect.

Neck joint service

Your products need professional neck joint service or ghost mannequin service to show how it would look inside a t-shirt or dress. With our neck joint service and 3D technology, you can show your consumer the product view from any angle.

Best color correction service:

You might have photos that are under or overexposed to light and poor color balance. With our color correction service, you can restore image color with the perfect color correction. Thus, you can save time and cost spent on taking the same product photos—in different colors.

Why Do You Need Professional Photo Editing Services?

As an ecommerce business owner, you need to make your website look more appealing. Your website visitors will only spend money when you display your product in detail.

You also need optimized photos, so the page speed and similar factors remain high. Therefore, only hiring a professional photographer will not cut the deal for you.

You need customized e-Commerce product photo Editing Services for the following reasons:

  • Drawing intended customers with classy and high-quality commercial products
  • Maintaining standard appearance required for any internal channel and social media
  • Utilizing the Photoshop tools to edit, optimize, resize, and remove background for a bulk batch of photos
  • Saving time and cost required to same items in different colors.
  • Make the product look as good as possible.


In the world of e-commerce, you should first consider building a website that will hook the customer to stay and look for a long time. And the best way to draw attention is through images.

Here at Clippingpath360, we offer to make your photographs more aesthetically pleasing and polished for your website.

Choose our e-commerce photo editing services that can enhance your sales, or sign up for a free trial right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs an E-Commerce photo editing service?

In most cases, the owners of online shops that sell products, for example, accessories, clothes, or interior designing items, need E-Commerce photo editing services. Moreover, photographers who work in the media where quality photo editing is necessary can avail of photo editing services.

What services do you provide for E-Commerce product photo editing?

On Clippingpath360, you will find all the necessary services to edit and retouch a photo. Our services include color correction, image masking, ghost mannequin effect, background removal, neck joint services, making a negative image, inverting colors, image resizing, retouching and cropping, shadow creation services, and many more. To know more about our services, visit

Do you edit bulk product photos?

Yes, we edit bulk product photos for your online e-commerce site. And you will even get a discount on the total price after editing for many image orders. Check out our plans to get a complete insight on pricing.

How about the image quality?

With more than thousands of happy customers and after editing millions of photos, we can ensure that you will get top-notch image quality. Regardless of your required service, we will do the job without compromising the image resolution.

Do you have an image editing production house?

Yes, we have a sophisticated production facility located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. To utilize cutting-edge technology and uphold the highest standards for image quality, we have hired the country’s best graphic designers and editors. Our company is technically a hub of plenty of Photoshop geniuses.


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