Clipping Path: 7 Important Things You Need To Know


7 Important Things You Need To Know:  There are few important things you need to learn and know if you are a designer and need your photo editing to stand out from the other crowd. In this article I will briefly discuss the necessary information that will help you to know the basics of Clipping Path.

In this article I will provide you with the basic 7 important things that you should master while working on your design. You can use these tools to modify your artwork and make it look attractive.

If you patiently follow these guidelines, I can assure you will benefit and master your designing skills and be as good as a professional photo editor. Let’s move on into the detailed discussion:

7 Important Things About Clipping Path That Will Make You Pro:
Here, the 7 important things that you need to know about Clipping Path. These 7 things will surely make you a pro from the beginner level:

What Exactly Is Clipping Path Used For:

This is the very first thing you should know before using the Clipping Path for the modification of your design. Professional designers use a clipping path to extract one image’s background from the existing image’s background. The clipping path is best used in Adobe Photo Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Clipping Paths are usually used for two reasons. Professional Designers use a clipping path to put a text around an object in the image and to cut an object from the image they are working on. If you want to learn to edit photos like a pro, you must know the details of using the clipping path to edit your image.

In a very simple terminology, clipping paths are used for removing backgrounds from one image and also to add a white background to a new or existing image.
There are different types of clipping paths you can use to edit your image or Artwork which I will provide in this article.

Types Of Clipping Path:

Whether you work on your own or use a clipping path service provider for your e-commerce business, you need to know the types of Clipping Paths that can be used to upgrade or modify your designs. There are mainly three types of Clipping Path: Single Layer Path, Multi-Layer Clipping Paths and Illustrator Clipping Path.

These three Clipping Paths are mainly used depending on the types of images that you want to create or design. These types are all available in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Single Layer Path:
This Single Layer Clipping Path is the most basic path that is used by both beginners in the initial stage of learning the usage of clipping paths and professionals too. The layer path is used to remove the background of the image, or to put the image in a white background.

This whole process is done by a Photoshop pen tool by circling or shaping the image and then extracting the image in a new background. This is a very important thing that you should know while using Photoshop and basic clipping paths are useful to remove the background of any image.

Multi-Layer Clipping Path:

Multi-layer Clipping Paths are used for a similar and more sophisticated purpose. If you want to modify your image and extract two subjects from the same image, you have to use a multi-layer Clipping Path.

The process is done very identically to the previous one as you can select two or more objects from a background and extract it to a new white background using the adobe Photoshop pen tool. You can either choose a circle, star or a square to extract the image.

Illustrator Clipping Path:

This type of clipping path is used to modify or make changes to a very complex image or design. This type of clipping paths are used by professionals and if you want to use Illustrator clipping paths, you need to be very efficient and need a lot of advanced knowledge on designing.

This may sound very complex and tough but if you master your designing skills using Adobe Illustrator and go through some basic tutorials, you can even apply an Illustrator clipping path to modify very complex images.

Illustrator Clipping Paths has more than 10 transparency opacity and more closed and a whole lot of other paths. You can use this path to resize the original image without affecting the original resolution of the image or the original picture.

Importance Of Clipping Path In E-Business:

The rise of the E-commerce business in the last few years is huge. Due to the pandemic most people are conducting business from the house. People are also buying most of the necessary stuff from Amazon, Ali-Baba, Walmart, Ebay and other famous E-commerce Sites.

If you want your product to look more attractive to the customers, Clipping Paths is your only solution. You can use a clipping path to modify your image and present it in such a way which will be beautiful in the eyes and people are gonna click the image based on how you use this application to modify your design.

People usually like the fact the products are presented in a white background because the actual product in a white background is more visible and understandable to the potential customers.

More customers are converted when the business or a certain individual has applied clipping paths because it makes the product look saleable.

Clipping Path Service:

Yes, there are actually clipping path services which will help you to grow your online business and promote your products and services on E-Business sites. Suppose, you used a professional photographer for your product shoot and then you found an error, it will be very costly and time consuming for you to go back to the studio again.

Instead of doing so, all you can do is research the right and affordable clipping path Service who will not only edit your image quality to its finest form but will take all the responsibility to present your products in the E-commerce sites.

Final Words:
Most of the photographers also master themselves in using Clipping Path and you can also choose clipping path as a career. This is a very popular thing right now as everything in the world is currently based on online and every business right now has to use Clipping Path by themselves or hiring a freelancer or a company.

I would recommend you to research before you hire a Clipping Path service or a freelancer. There are loads available in the market, pick the right one according to your budget.